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Lance O'Keefe

A fun light hearted bunch who understand the craziness of schools, parenting and teaching! We are very supportive of one another and are always willing to help out where we can. We enjoy sharing the odd story or the latest kids quote. We offer different stages, ages and teaching experience but all bring our own unique skills to Kidfit Club.

The Aim

To enhance the overall health, fitness and well-being of children

Life can be frantic and especially if you are a busy working parent. . . Imagine your child being fitter, healthier and happier!


Launching the first program in 2014, Kidfit Club has helped over 1000 children boost their fitness, strength, balance, co-ordination, agility, speed and endurance.

It's with no surprise that the magic of the Kidfit Club sessions offer so much more than improvements in the child's physical health. We have seen vast benefits in the children's self-esteem, resilience and social skills through participating in Kidfit Club. The children increase their knowledge about healthy lifestyles and are able to put these into practise in order to form lifelong habits.

Kidfit Club recognises the positive impact teachers can play for kids. Each participant has their own individual needs and our teachers are well-placed to tailor the program accordingly ensuring that each child enjoys healthy, active fun.

There has been remarkable feedback from parents, teachers and students regarding the flow-on effects in the classroom. Children who participate in the program are more settled in the class and are reported to show improvements in their mood following the sessions.

The programs have also enabled parents to be able to work longer hours knowing that their child is in a safe and supportive environment.

Endorsed by the NSW Government rebate initiative ‘Active Kids’ and 'Creative Kids' the programs help families meet the costs of enrolling their children in sport, fitness and creative activities.

Kidfit Club is now introducing the programs into other school communities so they too can gain the benefits from inspiring children to be fitter, healthier and happier. If you know of a school or teacher that may be interested, please get in touch.

In the meantime stay healthy, active and always have fun! 

Kidfit Club

Scientific Research

'Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.' Dr John Ratey

Health Benefits

More than fitness

Increase flexibility

Improve fitness, stamina and energy levels

Improve posture

Increase attention and focus in class

Boost confidence and Self-esteem

Healthy role models

Practice social skills

Learn new skills

Play with friends and make new ones